This post presents the first four videos in the Six Day War Project, a mini-series of twelve 2-5 minute long videos about the dramatic events and impact of the Six Day War, produced by Jerusalem U to mark fifty years since the war. The first video (03:26), featured above, explores why Israel went to war, focusing on Israel's existential struggle since its founding and the early steps toward war. The second video (02:27) sets the stage for war, as Egypt amasses troops along Israel’s border and orders the UN peacekeeping force to leave. The third video (02:13) covers Israel's pursuit of a diplomatic solution and Egypt's decision to blockade the Straits of Tiran. The fourth video (04:23) shows the fear Israelis felt as they prepared for an inevitable "war of no choice." Jerusalem U is a media organization that creates purpose-driven content about Judaism and Israel for young Jews. 

Egypt Expels UN Observers | Six Day War Project #2

Egypt Blockades the Straits of Tiran | Six Day War Project #3

What Made This a 'War of No Choice' | Six Day War Project #4