This short audio recording features Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach singing his original upbeat melody for "Yibaneh Hamikdash," a popular Jewish song about the rebuilding of the Temple. The lyrics, provided below, come from the Shabbat song, "Tzur Mishelo." The song expresses the eternal Jewish hope and belief in the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem.  Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach (1925-1994), also known as the “Singing Rabbi,” composed thousands of melodies and recorded over 25 albums. 

Yibaneh Hamikdash

יִבָּנֶה הַמִּקְדָּשׁ, עִיר צִיּוֹן תְּמַלֵּא,
וְשָׁם נָשִׁיר שִׁיר חָדָשׁ וּבִרְנָנָה נַעֲלֶה,

Yibaneh hamikdash ir tsion timaleh, 
visham nashir shir chadash uvirnanah na'aleh

The Temple will be rebuilt, the city of Zion will be filled.
And there we will sing a new song, and be uplifted with rejoicing​.