Arab Political Six Day War Cartoons

This post presents ten political cartoons published before and during the Six Day War. Contributing to fear in Israeli society and the confidence in Arab society, the images all depict the Arab nations threatening, crushing and destroying Israel.

"The neck of the bottle – the Straits of Tiran" Rose al Youssef, Egypt, May 29, 1967

"The Zionist to Hell," Syrian army newspaper, May 30, 1967

The mouths of the guns of eight Arab countries: Sudan, Algeria, United Arab Republic, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. Al Jarida , Beirut, May 31, 1967

Armored forces of Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. Al Hayat, Beirut, May 31, 1967

The clubs fall on the head of Israel: Israel asks: Where can I run? Al Goumhourya , Baghdad, June 6, 1967

"Holy war" Al Goumhourya, Cairo, June 8, 1967

"Using the Star of David," Al Manar , Baghdad, June 8, 1967

"The Zionists into the sea," Al-Arabiya Al-Jamahir , Baghdad, June 8, 1967

"The barricades of Tel Aviv," Al-Jundi Al Arabi , Damascus, June 6, 1967

Nasser kicking the Jew (Israel) into the sea, with the armies of Lebanon, Syria and Iraq supporting him.  Al-Farida, Lebanon